Famous eSports Moments That Shaped Betting Trends

Sports Bets, or competitive video gaming, has exploded in popularity over the past decade. With millions of fans worldwide and tournaments offering multi-million dollar prize pools, it’s no wonder that eSports betting has become a significant industry. Just like traditional sports, there have been several famous moments in eSports history that have shaped betting trends and captivated audiences.

One such moment occurred during The International 2013, a Dota 2 tournament hosted by Valve Corporation. The grand finals featured two teams: Alliance and Na’Vi. In an intense five-game series, Alliance emerged as the champions after an incredible comeback victory in the final game. This match is often referred to as The Play due to one particular play made by Alliance player Gustav s4 Magnusson on his hero Puck. This moment not only solidified Alliance’s place in Dota 2 history but also had a profound impact on betting trends.

Following this iconic moment, many bettors started placing their bets based on individual players’ performances rather than just team statistics. They realized that exceptional plays from star players could turn the tide of any match and greatly influence its outcome. As a result, bookmakers began offering more diverse betting options focusing on individual player performance metrics such as kills or assists.

Another pivotal moment came during the League of Legends World Championship 2018 semifinals between Invictus Gaming (IG) and G2 Esports. IG was considered one of the favorites to win the tournament while G2 Esports was seen as underdogs with little chance of advancing further. However, G2 shocked everyone by defeating IG convincingly with innovative strategies and aggressive gameplay.

This upset victory led to a surge in underdog bets across various eSports titles since bettors saw firsthand how even top-tier teams can be vulnerable if they underestimate their opponents or fail to adapt to new tactics. Bookmakers responded by adjusting odds to reflect the potential for upsets, making betting on underdogs more enticing.

One of the most memorable moments in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) history occurred during ESL One Cologne 2015. Fnatic and EnVyUs faced off in a thrilling grand finals match that went into overtime on the final map. In an unprecedented move, Fnatic player Olof olofmeister Kajbjer Gustafsson boosted himself onto a pixel-perfect ledge to gain an advantageous position over his opponents. This maneuver, known as the boost, sparked controversy and led to rule changes within CS:GO tournaments. 

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